Saturday, May 8, 2010

12 month pictures

We ventured out a few months back to get some professional photos taken - quite an adventure, part cat herding, part circus show and a little bit of photography thrown in. Here are some of the highlights.
Ella looking cute.

Ava rocking her Easter best.
Ella showing her pearly whites. She now has 12 teeth, way ahead of the curve, for teeth.
Ava is 1 year old, you can tell b/c of the over-sized novelty block.Getting 1 year old twins to smile at the same time ranks up there in complexity with world peace. Hear is one of the best shots we got of them both.

-tinny out

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Twinsler's Are Mobile!

It's hard to believe, but the Twinsler's have cruised past their first birthday and are now working on 14 months. We took some one year photos that we'll post soon, but the big news is that Ella is now crawling. It's kinda slow and deliberate, but she is mobile! Ava is a little speed demon, is pretty much a shadow, following either Rachel or I all over the house. She'll be walking soon.

So, if you take a step back, we now have two mobile infants... life is great, but it just got a lot more complicated!

-tinny out

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its hard to believe, but the twinsler's are almost 1 year old. It was last year on the Thursday before the Super Bowl that Rachel was put on bed rest and then on the night of the super bowl, she felt sick, so we went in on the morning of February 2, 2009, and well the rest is what we call, history.
They are so much fun (so much work and stress too), but so much fun. Ava is the go-getter and goes after what she wants. She has the dirty hands and knees to prove it. Ella is our little sweetie, and pretty much sets there and takes life in. She really is as sweet as she looks. Below is Ava, being the stinker that she is, crawling into daddy's lap. She is pretty clingy right now and if there is a lap in site, she wants in it, and she'll let you know it. I hear that is a phase...

-tinny out