Sunday, May 3, 2009

Babies cry a lot

Yesterday was the girls 3 month birthday. We celebrated with huge bottle of fortified breast milk, who-hooo! Overall, things are going well. Things were pretty rough a week or so back, as the girls had us pretty worn down, but we tweaked some of our nighttime feeding strategy and had a few restful nights.

Several nights this week, including last night, Ava has been trying to have a party in her crib... Last night, she cried that "oh my God the world is ending" kinda cry from 11:30pm till I fed her early at 1:15am. After that feed, she has done pretty well, but seems to have handed the baton to her sister Ella. Ella is usually very content, so this ongoing, inconsolable crying is out of the ordinary.

I know that babies can cry a lot, and that is really the only way that they have to communicate to the world. Normal crying is one thing, but I do not think that I have experienced anything worse than not being able to console your crying child. It pretty much sucks.

All you folks that have kids are laughing, I know, and all my friends w/o kids are like huh?

We'll get some more pics up soon.

-tinny out

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  1. My best advice if you want advice is remember those 5 "S"s Rachel....most importantly the swaddling and she sssssshhhhhing! Its sometimes the only thing that works. That and for Guge, taking her outside was sometimes an instant off button! Good luck!