Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're Home

We knew/hoped that it was coming since late last week, but Rachel wouldn't let me blog about it b/c she thought that the blog was the jinx that was keeping the girls in the NICU. On Tuesday, 3/31/2009, we brought both of our girls home, and its been pretty surreal. We have been so used to planning everything around feeds at the hospital, but now it feels like we have a lot more time. More details and pictures to follow, but the first night was not that bad...

-tinny out


  1. Congratulations! I bet you'll need to take a nap with the girls today!

  2. Very exciting! Such great news. So excited for your family. Isn't it fun to say "family?"

  3. I am so excited for you...get some rest when you are going to need it..

  4. Wellllll............I've waited a few days to make sure you weren't pulling an April Fool's Day prank about being home with the girls...
    SO glad they are home and you are home and you get to settle in for the first time as a family in your own home....Hooray!!!