Saturday, February 7, 2009

feeding update

Ava and Ella seem to be doing better with their feeds. Ella is currently getting 5mls of breast milk every 3 hours and continues on TPN for the rest of her calorie needs. Ava is currently getting 15 mls of breast milk every 3 hours and if she tolerates the increase tomorrow she will likely come off TPN, which means the IV can come out. I'm sure she will be very happy about that.

These pictures are of the girls during their 6 o'clock feeding tonight. If you look closely you will see a syringe of milk, held by the nurse and a pacifier in their mouths. The pacifier is used to associate sucking with their belly getting full. This will hopefully make the transition from tube feeding to a nipple easier. Ava likes her pacy better that Ella.


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