Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rough Night...

The NICU is kinda strange. It has its own energy and it ebbs and flows in no predictable way. Sometimes its calm and soothing, other times its loud and chaotic.

We've had a pretty good run for the past week or so. Ella was taken off oxygen this past weekend, and both girls have been more or less taking their feeds and growing (Ava is now 3lbs 2 oz. and Ella is 2lb 12 .) They both seemed to be having less episodes and self-stims. This morning they "popped the top" of Ava's crib. This is what they call it when they open up the incubator's top, essentially making it a normal open air crib. I think she wanted to feel the wind in her hair.

I'll let Rachel blog about the blood infection, but I'll just say that we had a solid 8 hours of "yeah, we're good" until the story changed again... Ugh!

So tonight, Rachel and I headed to the hospital for one of the more difficult visits that we've had yet. In short, the NICU was flowing in a really bad way; lots of alarms and noise, lots of babies crying, and an overall very eerie vibe. The twins started out OK, but started to have episode after episode for no apparent reason. None of the usual tricks that the nurses use were working. Ella is back on a nasal cannula (room air w/ added flow), and Ava's color looked too dark to me. It was really painful to be there, I felt helpless, and it was even more painful to leave... Lots of tears tonight.

-tinny out

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  1. Nick & Rachel: My heart goes out to you even more than usual when I read something like this. --shannon