Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Update

The girls had a pretty good days today. They both continue on oxygen and surprisingly Ava is requiring more than Ella. They both continue to have episodes of heart rate drops and at times have trouble keeping their oxygen saturation up, but this is mostly right after eating or if they are stimulated too much. Because of this step backwards a lot of tests were done today to make sure there isn't anything else going on. So far, they haven't found anything else going on. The plan is to wean the oxygen as tolerated. We will keep you updated.

About the infection....I'm not exactly sure where to start. One of the cultures drawn about 5 days ago ended up growing staph, which may again be a contaminate, but because this is the second culture that grew staph they decided to change the antibiotic. This new antibiotic will take care of the staph and enterococcus. They also pulled out the PICC line just in case that was causing the infection. The doctors as well as Nick and I are very confused and frustrated with this changing infection. I just hope they are treating the right thing.

Nick promised to post more pictures this weekend.


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