Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Update

Friday, the girls had good days heading into the weekend. I'll hopefully post in a little more depth later, but here are the high points. Both were taking their feeds w/ little to no aspirate (left over food in stomach when its time for the next feeding) , Ava was taken off her photo therapy lights. Ella gained 10 grams, and Ava opened her eyes, for daddy. Nick changed his first diaper. We were discharged on Friday, and that went OK. We headed home at 3:00 (to a clean house, thanks Jenn & Sally!), and settle in for a few hours before heading back for a visit in the evening. This will be a big weekend as the Twinsler's will get to meet all of their grandparents for the first time.

For now, I'll leave you w/ some pics of the diapers that that the girls are wearing. That is a standard blackberry Pearl phone for reference. They are pampers, for all the P&G folks in the house. These diapers look so big on our girls b/c they don't really have any butts yet, but they promise that they'll come! The best factoid about these is that they are not even the smallest size that they make, yikes!

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  1. Glad the girls are doing well! I was allowed to take a couple diapers home from the hospital to keep in Parker's keepsake box, it's hard to believe how little they are.

    Still praying :0