Monday, February 16, 2009

Infection Update

Sorry for the lack of updates...We had computer troubles this weekend.

The infection saga continues....The blood culture that we thought was growing step turned out to be growing enterococcus, which for the doctors was a little more alarming. It was for sure not a contaminate, which meant that little Ella did have an infection in her blood, and definitely needed the lumbar puncture to make sure she didn't have spinal meningitis. The lumbar puncture was done on Saturday and the awesome resident and nurse were able to get enough fluid on the first try, so we don't think Ella suffered too much. That culture was sent to the lab and we found out today that it was clear, so the infection is only in her blood. Praise God!! The plan is to treat her with antibiotics for 10 days, but the doctors are still questioning how she picked up this infection. It could have been from me (Rachel) or the PICC line that was placed days ago. To make sure that it is not the PICC line they drew another blood culture today and if it grows the same bacteria then they are going to pull the PICC line out and find another way to give her the antibiotics. Sorry for the lengthy update, I hope it all makes sense.



  1. Thanks for the update! We are all still praying. When I went to Bible study yesterday morning, the girls in my group were all asking how the baby girls are doing. Everyone loves your babies!!

  2. Checking in on you again. Sorry to hear of the extra concern about Ella. Sounds like she's a little trooper though, and hanging tough! Hugs to you all- and sending extra prayers for sure!