Thursday, February 26, 2009

that's my blanket!

Times must be tough in the NICU, because earlier this week, the Twinsler's were removed from their separate incubators and placed together into an open crib. They call this co-bedding and its something that they do for most preemie twins as it is suppose to help them develop. Although they are both still fluctuating w/ their oxygen needs, both twins continue to grow and develop. Last night was actually the first time that I realized a substantial change in their appearance - they have chubby chins! More to come soon...

-tinny out


  1. Love seeing the two of them together...and the double chins!

  2. My mom & dad told me all about my new girlfriends today after their visit to see Ava and Ella....they are getting little fat rolls like my big ones! I cannot wait to meet them!


  3. OH I love the pictures. I am so glad they are doing well. What a blessing.

    Jill/Canton, GA