Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Update

Things have been going pretty well as of late for the girls. They have both been up and down in terms of breathing. They are slowly being weened off oxygen and "flow", but the nurses are quick to remind us that the girls are the boss, and they let us know what they want to do (I really hope that doesn't come home w/ them) They continue to tolerate their feeds that keep being increased, and all their systems seem to be working well, because they are growing. I am not sure of their exact weights, but earlier this weekend, they were both 1lb over their birth weights, and Ava could go over 4lbs tonight. Late this past week was the first time that Rachel and I both really noticed that they are getting substantially bigger. They both have cheeks, chins, growing bellies and the start of fat rolls on their arms and legs (as much fat roll as a less-than-4lb baby can have).

The other night, I asked the girls "How much are foot-longs going for these days at Subway?" They both rolled their eyes as I snapped these pictures...
Finally, Mom and Dad are doing well too...

-tinny out


  1. Nick you are a riot! This took some explaining for Charlie. I love the look Ella is giving you! So good to see ALL of you doing well this weekend!

  2. You guys are hilarious. Miss you all so much!