Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bath Time

In a few minutes, I am going to blog another not-so-happy post, so I thought that I would tell you all about one of Rachel and I's favorite things to do w/ the girls... bath time. The girls get baths twice a week, and Rachel and I have reached a new level of "wow, we feel really old" because we really looking forward to hanging out in the hospital on Saturday nights during bath time.

Rachel and I each take one of the girls and give them a bath, one at a time. I have had Ava for the past two times, but I am done w/ her for a while (I'll explain why later).
The actual bath is pretty short and simple. First we weigh the baby, which is not a big deal, but during bath time, we unhook all the monitors, which is both scary and liberating. Then we wrap the baby in a receiving blanket, and place them in the tub. The tub is literally a plastic storage container that you could buy at Target, w/ an angled mesh platform to elevate their head out of the water. They say that babies either love or hate the whole bath experience, and we are fortunate to have two girls that like the water. When you place the wrapped baby in the water, they immediately relax and their eyes roll back and you can almost hear them think "oh yeah baby".
You wash them one body part at a time, trying to keep them swaddled as much as possible to keep them warm. Start w/ the face and head and work your way down to their stinky feet and bottom. Because of one of their sensors on their foot, their feet smell horrible... like a rotten band-aid. Once you are done, you pick up the baby into your arms into a dry cloth. Its at this point that Ava, being oh-so-relaxed, has peed on me, twice.

-tinny out


  1. Oh, Ava, you are such a beautiful girl! Even if you do pee on your daddy!