Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suck, Swallow & Breathe

This is harder than it appears for our girls. Little Ella has been progressing nicely, probably on par for how a normal 34 week preemie should do w/ the bottle. She is taken several full bottles, multiple partials (where she is fed the rest through her tube), and several times she has either choked, lost interest or just never started. She seems to get tired pretty easily, but this is understandable as they didn't have to work for their meals before this past Monday, so it can be expected that they are both very tired.
Ava, however, has been quite the little stinker. She had her episode (that Rachel blogged about) on Friday, and then had another while I was feeding her yesterday. Saturday's wasn't quite as bad, but she still stopped breathing, became very blue in her head, and was unable to finish her bottle. She (and her sister) are stressing their parents out! Just to play w/ us even more, today Ava took her 3:00pm bottle in 8 minutes-her fastest ever. Ugh, what a little drama queen! The up and down seems to be much more trying on the 'ol emotions as opposed to just being headed in a general direction, either up or down. Keep Rachel and I's sanity, as well as our girls in your prayers and thoughts.

On an unrelated note, tonight Rachel and I are headed to The Melting Pot to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary, woo-who!

-tinny out


  1. They really are getting so CUTE!!! I hope you had a TASTY dinner! MMMM!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (late - oops!)