Thursday, March 19, 2009


After a rough weekend, both girls are doing well and progressing. Ava is back to being a little piggy w/ her bottles, generally taking them in less than 10 minutes, who-hoo!. Ella is still showing lots of signs that she is ready for her bottle, but she still lacks the stamina to finish. It's tough because she almost always show that she wants a bottle, but is only finishing ~1 or 2 a day. So, we’ll keep following what the girls are telling us…

-tinny out


  1. Hi Rachel!

    I have asked about you many times at Liberty! I can't believe you already had the girls! The are so pretty and I LOVE their names! Marcia gave me this website address so I could contact you. I can't imagine how stressed you were, but they seem like they are doing very well. You and your husband are just too cute! I hope you don't mind me following their progress. Maybe we can run the Flying Pig in 2010. I'm not doing anything this year! Take Care and know that Jay and I are thinking of you guys!

    Carla Brant ( Jenna's mom who's always in the baseball hat!)

  2. I caught up on your blogs from the very beginning. Its so amazing, to see them grow. I loved the blog about chipotle! I am thinking and praying for you all everyday and hope that Ava and Ella are able to come home soon.