Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Missing?

A Skyline dinner for the first person to comment correctly w/ what's missing from the girls in these pictures.
-tinny out


  1. Where is the tube in the nose?
    Gosh ...did I say how cute..???

  2. Feeding tubes! Woo hoo!! I LOVE YOUR BABIES!!!!

  3. Amy B is our winner! I hope you like the Skyline!

  4. yea! good for them!
    such beautiful little baby girls! slumber party sounds like fun.. though, i think it's a little ironic that you call it anything with the word "slumber" in it.. (ha ha) since i know from experience there probably wasn't too much of that!

  5. Oh...shoot..I thought I won one of the babies..Haha. They are just beautiful...I am so happy for you..what a beautiful family you have. Now where is my dinner?