Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Cow, Ava is Coming Home*

That is what I was going to blog on Friday afternoon when I got to the hospital. As I was heading down to the hospital after my 35th trip to exchange baby items at Baby's 'R Us, I get a text from Rachel just after the 3:00 feeding that said "Ava is not ready to come home yet." We traded a few more texts, and I learned that Ava had another choking-stop breathing-turn blue episode on Friday and proceeded to have several more on Saturday. So, they put her feeding tube back in her nose and tried to let her rest. She is trying to tell us that she is not ready to go home. However. Ella is our little darkhorse, because she continues to steadily take more and more of her feeds. Ella is our slow and steady daughter, whereas Ava seems to soar, and then crash-and-burn... little drama queen. I had the week taken off work and was all ready to split time btw home and the hospital, but we'll have to wait and see how things go. There is a possibility that Ella could catch up to Ava and they could come home together. I am really praying for this option.
I know it sounds trite, but what an emotional roller coaster. Last weekend when they said that Ava could be coming home on Monday, I was a little freaked out b/c I didn't feel ready, but this past weekend when they said the same thing, I think that Rachel and I were now ready to take Ava home. It was so deflating to have to wait longer when we, in a matter of hours, had planned out the next days and weeks. These twins are really putting a damper on Rachel and I's planning tendencies:)

Oh well, keep our little Twinsler's in your prayers. I'd ask that you pray for Rachel and I that we can feel as confident as possible as we take these little ones home. Right now we are a little gun-shy when it come to feedings, so hopefully God will give us a couple steady days to help calm and pump up Rachel and I before we bring them home.

-tinny out

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  1. I just choked on my yogurt! I like the humor of the "*" but you really had me going!

    I told Charlie the other day I think Ava just wants to wait for Ella too! I think that will make for a better transition home for everyone! Nice Pic!

    Babies have a way of throwing off the shall soon see! Get used the the BRU trips...its like a monthly thing for us...always a little something you need to pick up! Let me know if I can take anuthing back for I said I'm there a lot!